Jerome April 24th, 2012
Jay Kinsella, Our Guide and Also Mayor of Jerome Addresses the Prescott
Valley Historical Society at Beginning of Tour In Front of Post Office
Jay Discusses The Renovations Made To The New State
Motor Company Building By The Jerome Historical Society
Prescott Valley Historical Society With Jay Kinsella at the
Audrey Shaft Headframe Park
Inside The Jerome Historical Museum, Jay Talks About The
Many Interesting Artifacts on Display.
PVHS Board Members
Jay Discusses The Coin Toss At What Once Was  
The Bartlett Hotel
Jay Tells The Group Why Jerome Has A Slide History and
What Caused It. Also How ADOT Keeps Tabs On Ground
Movement In Jerome. We Are Near The Sliding Jail.
Jay Tells The Group About The Recent Renovations and
Enhancements At The Audrey Shaft Headframe Park Just
Outside Jerome State Park
Prescott Valley, Arizona