Civic Center Timeline
Prescott Valley, Arizona
Civic Center Timeline

In 2002 the Prescott Valley Historical Society sponsored Girl Scout Colleen Morris in her
effort to qualify for the Gold A ward in Scouts. This award is the equivalent of Eagle
Scout in Boy Scouts. Colleen enlisted the help of her art class and teacher at Bradshaw
Mountain High School. She chose, with the help of our society, significant historical
events to depict on ceramic tiles which were painted with glaze, fired, and attached to the
south wall of the Civic Center grounds. These tiles include things such as the volcanic
eruption of Glassford Hill, to ranching and mining and the beginning of Prescott Valley.

In 2009 the project was updated during the presidency of Vie Zinda, with the sponsorship
of the Society and the cooperation of the Bradshaw Mountain art students. The new tiles
depict some of the outstanding later landmarks of Prescott Valley. To see this project,
visit the Civic Center and while you are there, see our office and mini-museum on the
lower floor any Monday or Wednesday from 10 to noon.
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