Orchard Park
Prescott Valley, Arizona
Historic Kiosk at Orchard Ranch

In 1997 the Prescott Valley Historical Society dedicated a display at Orchard
Ranch RV Park. The kiosk is located just inside the entrance driveway and was made
possible through the efforts of the Yavapai Chapter of the DAR, Sharlot Hall Museum
and our society. The display is devoted to the general history of the area, Miss Sharlot
Hall whose family homesteaded the ranch, and the Fain family who owned the property
for many years. The current owners of Orchard Ranch have been very enthusiastic about
keeping alive the historical significance of the property, and even have relocated to the
ranch a small cabin that supposedly was built of salvaged lumber from the original Hall
farmhouse. That cabin is located farther into the park on the right side of the drive that
circles the clubhouse and office.

Many newcomers to the area may not be aware of this interesting display. The
Historical Society invites members and the public to view this kiosk at Orchard Ranch
RV Park on Highway 69 just west of Fain Road.
Heritage House