Prescott Valley, Arizona
Angeline Hoagland
      The Prescott Valley Historical Society has "adopted" a grave site in the
Citizen's Cemetery on Sheldon Street in Prescott. This grave site is of local
interest because it contains the burials of the family of little Angeline whose grave
you may have seen near the bridge on Old Black Canyon Highway. This lone
grave often elicits curiosity, so here is the story as it has been told.
     Angeline was the daughter of Catherine Stewart Magee Hoagland and her
husband David Hoagland, both from Texas. We are not sure when or why they
came to this area, but we know that they settled somewhere along Lynx Creek,
perhaps trying their hand at gold mining. While living there, two year old Angeline
became ill and died on January 15, 1886. She was buried along old Black Canyon
Highway. Some versions of this sad story indicate that the family was on the way
to Prescott to seek medical help and other stories indicate that she was simply
buried near where the family was living.
     Another question raised is why Sharlot Hall composed a poem for Angeline's
headstone. Miss Hall may have been a friend of the family. This headstone and
the poem etched on it had to have been placed much after Angeline's death.
Shortly after Angeline's passing, her mother and father separated and we do not
have a further record of the father.
     Catherine moved to Prescott with her other daughter, Angeline's half sister
Julia Magee and she worked as a cook and laundress. Julia married John Spiller,
a soldier from Ft. Whipple. They had two children, one of whom died in infancy.
John died at an early age and he and their baby, Aura Lou, are buried in the
family plot in Citizen's Cemetery. Julia married again, had four daughters and died
at the age of 32. She is buried next to John Spiller. Catherine lived on in Prescott
until she died in 1922 following a stroke. She was buried in the same family plot.
We wonder if Catherine helped to raise her five grandchildren, especially the son
of Julia and John Spiller.
     None of Catherine's family remain in Prescott. Over the years Angeline's
grave was neglected and vandalized. Finally her headstone was removed and
stored for safekeeping at Sharlot Hall Museum. On January 15, 1993, 104 years
after the death of Angeline, the headstone was returned to the grave site. Now a
fence protects the grave which is on private property.
     The Prescott Valley Historical Society has taken on the project of maintaining
the grave site of Angeline's family in the Citizen's Cemetery.