Prescott Valley, Arizona
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Prescott Valley
   It is with a great sense of pride and pleasure that
welcome you to the Prescott Valley Historical
web page. It's our desire to provide this
form of communication so we can inform, educate
and promote the mission of the Society. That mission
is to promote a wider appreciation of the American
heritage, with particular emphasis on the collection,
advancement and dissemination of knowledge of,
but not limited to, the history of Prescott Valley and
its region.

   Membership in the Society is open to all persons
interested in the Society’s purpose and mission. We
welcome you to become a member of our Society.
We are a cross section of the populace of Prescott
Valley and participate in many civic and historical
activities. We meet monthly, from September to May,
with a great speaker, who informs, educates and
enlightens the members with historical, civic and
informational topics. Please consider joining us if
you share our interest.
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Want To See Newspaper Clippings Summary For
Prescott Valley From August 22nd, 1978 to
October 4, 2002
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Yours For The Preservation of Our Past For the Benefit
of Our Future...
Darlene Packard